Co Creating Success: Why my Wife and I are Starting our own Side Hustle?

Our love for each other is too great

Hey there,

Jumping into 2024 with a quick update – my wife and I are fresh off the wedding train, celebrating our first two months as newlyweds. Life’s been a cool mix of chaos and bliss.

But real talk? Our schedules are like these clingy friends we can’t shake off, thanks to school and work. At 21, we’re already daydreaming about ditching the 9-to-5 grind. So, guess what? We’re on a mission to figure out this whole financial freedom thing, and we’re dragging you along for the ride.

This blog? It’s our raw, unfiltered take on the journey – wins, setbacks, and everything in between. No frills, just real life. Stick around, it’s about to get interesting.

Day 1

Day 1 in the books – Emma’s Aunt gave us a busted Cricut maker, and we saw a chance. Bought some tools on Amazon for 20 bucks.

So, the rundown: 20 bucks spent, 3 hours elbow-deep in fixing, and the money score? Zero. But, hold tight, it’s not all about the dollars. What we learned today from fixing the machine and the time spent together is that we are a powerful couple, ready to make things happen.

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