Called to Laugh

I believe the greatest joy we can experience in life is laughter. But not just any laughter—I’m talking about the genuine, heartwarming laughter that lights up our surroundings and brings people closer, uniting us as brothers and sisters. It’s those unforgettable moments, filled with laughter shared among friends and loved ones, that truly stand out in our memories. Whenever I envision pure joy, it’s always a scene of people coming together, sharing stories and laughter.

Benefits of Laughing

Interestingly, scientists have uncovered numerous benefits of laughter that go beyond just feeling good. Laughter can:

  • Relax your entire body, easing tension and stress.
  • Boost your immune system, making you more resilient against illnesses.
  • Improve your mental health, providing a sense of well-being and happiness.
  • Protect your heart by improving blood flow and heart function.
  • Release endorphins, your body’s natural feel-good chemicals, which can alleviate pain.
  • Even burn calories, giving you a fun and effortless way to help manage your weight.

With all these benefits, allow us to help kick start a little chuckle to brighten your day and enjoy these cheesy missionary jokes.

1. The Lost Tie

Why did the missionary stop wearing his favorite tie?

Because he heard it was against the rules to be tied to worldly possessions!

2. The Scripture Chase

Why do LDS missionaries make terrible thieves?

Because they always leave a Book of Mormon behind!

3. Holy Land Hoops

Why don’t basketball games ever get played in the Bible?

Because whenever someone gets to the basket, they make a prophet!

4. Missionary Shoes

What kind of shoes do missionaries wear?

Loafers—because they’re always ready to “loaf” and invite people to church!

5. The Convert Dog

What do you call a dog that’s a recent convert to the church?

A Bark of Mormon reader!

6. Eternal Companions

Why did the two missionaries get along so well?

Because they were preach-other’s answer to prayer!

7. The Prayer Meal

What’s a missionary’s favorite type of fast food?


8. Scripture Workout

How do missionaries get in shape?

By doing push-ups—one for every Book of Mormon chapter they read!

Two Young Elders Laughing

Closing Thought

Remember, the joy of the Gospel is not just found in the messages we share but in the laughter and light-hearted moments that bring us closer to each other and to Heavenly Father. Whether you’re a missionary in the field, a member at home, or simply someone who loves a good laugh, let these jokes be a reminder that humor is a divine tool that can uplift, inspire, and bring us together in fellowship and faith.

Feel free to share these jokes with companions, investigators, or anyone who might need a smile. After all, a day brightened with laughter is a day filled with the light of Christ.

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